Jalisco Reaches The Goal In Applying Influenza Vaccines

General Health
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With excellent response from the population

Jalisco met its goal for the application of seasonal influenza vaccines, as thanks to the good response from the population, 70 percent of the available doses were administered before December 31.

The state's Secretary of Health, Fernando Petersen Aranguren, indicated that as of this week, nearly 1,800,000 doses have been administered out of the 2.5 million influenza vaccines allocated for Jalisco, which must be administered during the seasonal season (between October 3, 2022 and March 31, 2023).

Petersen Aranguren emphasized that the vaccination continues to be open with a special call for older adults, children under 5 years of age, pregnant women and people with chronic diseases to go to their health unit, whom he urged to receive the biologic as soon as possible in order to be protected during the coldest time of the year (January).

It is worth mentioning that the low temperatures registered during the winter season and the increased circulation of viruses can favor severe complications in some vulnerable population groups, therefore the Ministry of Health of Jalisco (SSJ) invites to reinforce some measures that have been useful to prevent the spread of respiratory infections, such as the use of masks in poorly ventilated and closed places, and very early hours when there are low temperatures.

Likewise, frequent hand washing and the use of alcohol-based gels to avoid respiratory infections in general are encouraged. Likewise, the consumption of fresh foods rich in vitamin C helps to maintain an immune system with a better response to respiratory infections.


As of yesterday, the SSJ reported thirty new cases of influenza. In this way, Jalisco accumulates 196 cases in the seasonal influenza season (October 2022 - March 2023) and has eight deaths due to this virus, three of them recently reported.

The three new deaths correspond to males. The first death was of a 23 year-old young man, who suffered from cancer and was a resident of Tonalá. The second was a 60-year-old man from Guadalajara, and the last was a 46-year-old resident of Poncitlán, who suffered from type 2 diabetes and smoking. None of the three cases had been vaccinated against influenza.

As of the 50th epidemiological week, there are 5,554 positive cases of influenza and 81 deaths nationwide.