Slight Increase In Covid-19 Cases Reported

General Health
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Health sector calls for preventive measures to be followed

The last report shows that there has been a slight increase in the number of coronavirus infections in the last few weeks; which could increase slightly if measures are not followed.

Puerto Vallarta and Jalisco are showing a gradual increase in the number of new coronavirus infections,
where in recent weeks the number of sick people is on the rise.

The daily report of the Jalisco Ministry of Health shows a slight increase in Puerto Vallarta, where up to this weekend 23 more positive cases have been reported so far this month of December.

This, after Puerto Vallarta closed the month of November with only 14 new infections of coronavirus among the population.

However, at state level is where the increase is more notorious, since from 30 daily infections reported a few weeks ago in the state of Jalisco, this weekend the state Health Department confirmed the registration of 131 Covid-19 infections.

It is for this reason, and due to the increase of respiratory diseases during the winter season, that the Jalisco Ministry of Health calls on the population to follow preventive measures and protect the most vulnerable groups against coronavirus, influenza and other viral infections that are very common during the winter season.

The focus groups are the elderly, pregnant women, heart patients, people with diabetes, asthma and lung diseases, morbid obesity, kidney failure or very low defenses in the body (for example, people living with HIV) because the infection can be complicated, so it is recommended to take special care.