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A Highly Productive Subsector.

A Community Project for Tourists.

Mexico protects consumers from additional charges.

A report of Fiscal Activities during the year 2023.

Learn where it will be visible and what it means according to Shamanic Astrology.

The best level for the Mexican peso since 2015.

The Taco Tavern in Pitillal.

This Saturday, April 6th, the Second Edition of "The Grill Kings Grill Festival 2024"

From Sinaloa to Jalisco, a dish for the world.

Pizza: a taste for the classic or innovative palate.

Flavor takes center stage.

An Encounter with Traditional Gastronomy

Magical Garden Butterfly House.

She will attend the Talent With Purpose event.

A nursery is a lifeline for nature.

The artists bid farewell to Act2 PV's "Supreme" season.

A millennia-old discipline accessible to all.

A Wildlife Oasis

Young athletes brought 6 Silver medals from Turkey.

SEAPAL Puerto Vallarta prepares activities for this grand celebration.

Boys from Puerto Vallarta will travel with the support of the Municipal Government.

The third edition of the "Vallarta Open Golf" at Vidanta.

Fifteen girls from Vallarta will be participating in tryouts for the Jalisco women's soccer team.

Puerto Vallarta, gearing up for the selection of talented soccer players.

Incredible tourism profits for Bahía de Banderas.

It will be a complex year for Puerto Vallarta.

Economic Deceleration Following a Change in Government Poses a Significant Challenge in Mexico

The city will undergo significant renovations with major constructions in 2024.

Places in Jalisco

A Year of Triumph for Puerto Vallarta

Genetic markers indicating the risk of contracting this disease are already being studied.

Puerto Vallarta and Mexico celebrate health with "PROGRESS"

Reducing tobacco consumption remains a pending issue in Puerto Vallarta.

The Pitillal Health Center, Puerto Vallarta.

The sun in Puerto Vallarta can harm your skin.

New cases of psychosocial disability have emerged in Puerto Vallarta. Authorities urge caution regarding mental health.


Puerto Vallarta, MX
22°C Broken Clouds
Humidity 36%
UV index 10.8 - Extreme
Pressure 1012hPa
Wind speed 3m/s • 293°
Mon, 15 04 Weather icon 33°C 22°C
Tue, 16 04 Weather icon 34°C 21°C
Wed, 17 04 Weather icon 35°C 21°C
Thu, 18 04 Weather icon 35°C 21°C
Fri, 19 04 Weather icon 35°C 21°C
Sat, 20 04 Weather icon 34°C 20°C


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Genetic markers indicating the risk of contracting this disease are already being studied.

This international sporting event will take place from October 28th to 30th in this city