A Decrease In Tourism Is Forecasted For Puerto Vallarta.

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It will be a complex year for Puerto Vallarta.

A challenging year for the tourism sector in Puerto Vallarta as lower figures than those of a year ago have been forecasted. All indications point to the need for greater tourism promotion to try to match last year's figures, especially since this year's forecasts are not looking very promising.

Starting with foreign youth who come before summer to finish their school years and seek fraternity, coming to relieve themselves of stress, school, and family; the famous "Spring Breakers". This year, only around 8000 young people have been reserved, compared to 18,000 last year, as reported by the director of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies, Martín Rodríguez Féliz.

Another fact is the number of cruise passengers who arrived in Puerto Vallarta during January. According to ASIPONA, in 2023, 90,000 cruise passengers visited Vallarta lands, while this year the numbers are lower. This is surprising because at the end of last year and the beginning of this one, due to the contingencies in Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta monopolized all cruise arrivals.

"All-Inclusive" hotels have also reported a slight decrease in hotel occupancy, despite maintaining figures that position Puerto Vallarta as the most important tourist destination in Mexico with 83.8%, just 1.5% less than last year.

The phenomenon of low tourism could be caused by political circumstances between the US and Mexico, as both countries will hold elections that confront them with their government proposals, some anti-immigrant, others supportive. The political world can influence tourist preferences, the price of the dollar, and the decisions of tourist companies in each country. That is why Mexico is turning to offer European and Asian tourism, which has also shown interest in the beautiful Mexican beaches.