The Aguachile From Puerto Vallarta.

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From Sinaloa to Jalisco, a dish for the world.

One of the most offered dishes in restaurants in Puerto Vallarta is Aguachile, a delicious dish that has gained international fame. Its fame has grown so much that there is even an Aguachile Festival in Puerto Vallarta, which was celebrated last January 28th, where hundreds of ways to prepare this delicious food could be tasted.

However, Aguachile is not native to Puerto Vallarta but it is Mexican, it is a dish from the North, specifically from Sinaloa. Its origins date back to the hot lands of Sinaloa, it is said that initially the pre-Hispanic cultures of this region used to mix dried meat with a kind of sauce made with water and chili peppers they collected, this chili pepper being the famous "Chiltepín", one of the most important ingredients of Aguachile.

Some believe that due to the arrival of Japanese immigrants to the state of Sinaloa, people began to mix cultures, including the culture of eating raw fish and seafood; this is how they gradually discovered that the mixture of chilies, vegetables, and seafood, or raw fish, was a delicious meal. The recipe that would give freshness to the food of the hottest land in the country gradually emerged.

Others comment that it all actually comes from the customs of the fishermen of Mazatlán who, due to their long voyages, learned to eat these foods out of necessity, and when they arrived home, they were already very accustomed to this food, so they began adding more local ingredients until they came up with what we know as Aguachile.

Currently, in Puerto Vallarta, Aguachile is one of the most requested meals by foreign tourists and they are fascinated by its freshness, with its touch of spiciness and the deliciousness of its spices and vegetables. Aguachile is a meal that blends the history of our Northern State with the delicious combination of local vegetables and spices to create a traditional dish with a lot of culture for Mexican cuisine.

Some restaurants in Vallarta use the following ingredients:

*Sliced cucumber




*Clam juice



*Raw and Clean Shrimp

*One cup of lime juice

*One sliced red onion

*Chili Chiltepín to taste