Puerto Vallarta's Hospitals at 30% of Patients by Covid-19

General Health
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Citizens are surprised by the increase in the number of hospitalizations due to coronavirus in this city, which could cause a setback to the reactivation of the disease.

The interim municipal president of Puerto Vallarta, Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado, recently announced that hospitalizations due to coronavirus in Puerto Vallarta are on the rise and now there is already a 30 percent occupancy rate, only for the last three weeks. Quintero Alvarado mentioned that the data provided by the Eighth Sanitary Jurisdiction with headquarters in Puerto Vallarta, which depends on the Jalisco Health Department, had informed this. In view of this situation, the interim mayor commented that due to the increase in the number of positive cases he proposed to the Puerto Vallarta Health sector to reinforce the sanitary protocols and prevention measures against the coronavirus, since "we cannot lower our guard", and called on citizens to continue respecting the sanitary measures and thus avoid more contagions by covid-19. He also instructed all inspection and surveillance personnel in hotels, restaurants, businesses and commercial premises to comply with the sanitary measures.

He pointed out that in the meantime the Tourism Department will be inviting visitors and locals to use masks, so that with information brigades the use of the accessory on the boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta and other public areas where there are crowds of people, especially tourists. This situation has become very worrisome due to the fact that there could be consequences if people do not take care of themselves and continue to be infected to the point of having to take a step backwards from what has already been advanced and authorized in hotels, restaurants and businesses according to the Health Board.