A Hidden Paradise.

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Places in Jalisco

One of the most exquisite places in Jalisco is the Cajón de Peña Dam, situated in Tomatlán, Jalisco. It is not only the largest dam in the state but also the most breathtaking one. It boasts crystalline waters surrounded by lush greenery and an array of colors that blend seamlessly into the enchanting environment it preserves.

Originally built in 1976 to channel and store river waters, it has, over the past 47 years, transformed into a genuine delight and a major tourist attraction that is sure to captivate anyone. Despite some government restrictions, the place remains a marvel.

Located 110 kilometers away, the Cajón de Peña Dam could be the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. It is accessible via the Manzanillo highway. To reach it, you must take the Mismaloya-Boca de Tomatlán-El Tuito Southbound Highway 200. At kilometer 130, turn left and continue along the Gargantilla-La Cruz de Loreto detour. The dam is located 18 kilometers from this road.

In this earthly paradise, you will find cabins, restaurants, and various water activities. You can also savor delicious cuisine featuring fish that are scarcely found elsewhere. The locals are exceedingly friendly, with most of them hailing from Tomatlán or Puerto Vallarta, working here only during the weekends. The place is ideal for a photo session, a music video shoot, or a personal or dance video recording. When in Vallarta, make sure not to leave without exploring this hidden gem.