Tourists packed Puerto Vallarta's bars and clubs

Bars and Beers
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Especially on the Malecón and the Romantic Zone. This weekend after the opening of the bars and clubs in Puerto Vallarta, a great number of tourists were registered on the Malecón and the Romantic Zone.

  On Saturday night hundreds of national and foreign tourists filled the restaurants of the city, in businesses such as La Vaca Argentina, District 5 and all those in the square located in Fluvial Vallarta, as well as in Marina Vallarta and mainly in the area of the Malecón, because the bars remained open attracting a lot of tourists. It was impressive to see how the people filled the place again, obviously the people were uninhibited as expected and left out the mouth cover and the healthy distance, in the same way in the bars a great number of vacationers were observed, in bars and streets of this famous place of Puerto Vallarta.

  There is no doubt that this city will once again take an accelerated pace in its life in hotels and restaurants which this weekend were filled with good profits. In addition, the authorities were observed doing rounds around the city to ensure that the tourists had an excellent weekend; after they are already close to resuming school activities and jobs in the companies, which had to be suspended due to the pandemic, because of covid-19 and now they will be reactivating their work activities again. This is how Puerto Vallarta continues to be the favorite destination of national and foreign tourists who like to vacation on foreign beaches.