The Original Coconut Yogurt At The Magic Market

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What would happen if you were to mix a delicious treat we all enjoy with a healthy, nutrient-rich fruit? You would get CocoGurt!


Cocogurt, the first and original coconut milk yogurt company. I met Rafael Sabancho at the Puerto Vallarta Magic Market, and he told me he started the company 6 years ago. He had a brilliant idea to try and make delicious yogurt with coconut milk! Rafael runs the company, produces delicious products, and delivers them all by himself! CocoGurt a dairy-free sweet treat for all to enjoy! Cocogurt is lactose-free, with no preservatives, and has less than half as much sugar in it than normal store-bought yogurt. If you hadn’t been aware of this before, the median amount of sugar was 13 grams per 100 grams of yogurt! Cocogurt has only 5.3 grams of sugar per 100 grams of yogurt, making it a much healthier, and in my opinion tastier, alternative.



Cocogurt tastes silky and smooth, its rich and creamy but still fresh and light—it’s delightful, and I would choose it over plain yogurt any day of the week! I was also pleasantly surprised to find how little calories it had, making it a rich, delicious, and rather healthy snack— as coconuts are rich in manganese, which helps bones grow healthily, they are also full of proteins and good carbohydrates, as well as cholesterol.

Cocogurt, like all yogurts, is made through a process. Cocogurts process goes something like this. The special dried coconut from Tecoman, Colima, (which is many times lower in sugar and stretch than commercially-bought coconuts,) is activated by soaking, which loosens the enzymes and draws out the many nutrients. This milky liquid is then boiled to remove any bacteria in it, and mixed with agar agar—a jelly-like substance, and also with lactobacillus, (which despite the name, have no lactose product in them,) imported from Italy. This mixture is left to sit a constant temperature for a few hours, along with enough sugar to feed the lactobacillus for 3-4 weeks. Then it has become the fantastic CocoGurt, ready to be sold!

Rafael comments that it took him about 8 months to get his recipe to the perfection it is now! He makes it in batches no larger than 15 liters, to assure his product is always as fresh as it can be!

Rafael was selling his amazing CocoGurt, along with some coconut-milk rice pudding, in the MagicMarket last Friday, by the main plaza where there was wonderful live entertainment. Rafael had a charming, personality, and even more charming products. 


All CocoGurt products will be delivered right to your door by Rafael himself, so get your orders into him through his contact information below, or find him at the Magic Market, or his two locations that sell the product, Alex Sausages Market in Venustiano Carranza , Centro, and Ginger Veggie, Ecuador 1375 on 5 De Diciembre— to try these delectable treats for yourself!


Magic Market Address: Blvrd Francisco Medina Ascencio, Zona Hotelera Nte., 48333 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.