Latest Report Shows Mexico Has More Than 3,000 Cases Of Smallpox

General Health
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The disease is also reported in 32 states of the country.

The Mexican government reported on Wednesday that as of last Monday it had registered 3,007 cases of monkeypox, with an increase of 106 in the last week, and the first four deaths "directly related" to the virus. It also indicated that cases have been registered in the 32 states of the country.

In the weekly technical report on epidemiological surveillance, the Ministry of Health detailed that a total of 4,996 people meeting the operational definition of probable cases were identified during the period in question.

Of this total, 3,007 are confirmed, 358 are under study and 1,631 have been ruled out by laboratory tests.


Meanwhile, the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE) reported that the positive cases are already distributed in the 32 states, with Mexico City leading with 1,765 cases.

Jalisco has 351; State of Mexico, 312; Yucatan, 108; Quintana Roo, 86; Tabasco, 43; Puebla, 38; Nuevo Leon, 32; Chiapas, 29; Baja California, 25; Veracruz, 24; Queretaro 20; Morelos, 19; Guanajuato, 17 and Sinaloa 16.

In addition, Hidalgo, 14; Chihuahua, 13; Coahuila, 12; Tamaulipas, 11; Guerrero, 9; Oaxaca, 8; Aguascalientes, 8; Campeche, 6; Michoacán, 7; Tlaxcala, 6; Sonora, 5; Colima, 4; Zacatecas, 3; San Luis Potosí, 3; Baja California Sur, 1 and Durango.

Of the total number of confirmed cases, 97.5% were males and 2.5% were females.


The Ministry of Health specified that, so far, seven deaths have been identified: six men and one woman, although not all of them have been directly caused by the disease.|

"Four of the deaths are directly related to the smallpox virus infection, two deaths are not due to this direct cause, and one is being analyzed by a group of experts in infectious diseases and epidemiology to determine whether there is a causal association between the death and the smallpox virus infection," it said.