Family Fined In The United States

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For having placed lights out of time

The news of a family in Florida, United States, went viral and not for nothing: they are facing a fine of up to one thousand dollars for the unusual reason of having put up their Christmas decorations and lights "too early". According to information from local television station WFLA, Mr. Michael Moffa hired a company to decorate the yard of his Tampa home with Christmas lights on November 6, and a few days later his family received a letter notifying them that they had been fined for violating their agreement with the Homeowner's Association. The text stated that "if they do not remove the lights, they could face fines of $100 per day, up to $1,000."

Michael Moffa told WFLA that he had no plans to remove the lights and explained that he had installed them on that date because it was the only one the company's employees had available and that he wouldn't do it himself because he can't get on the roof. Later, in an interview with The Washington Post, he indicated that he thought the letter he received was a joke because they were Christmas lights and that the fact that "they're Grinch like unheard of." The Westchase Community Association, through an attorney, explained that the organization sent the letter after a neighbor complained, according to information from Univision. Also, that the rules are set to be followed, but they are open to discussing changes.