Jalisco Closes 2022 With Only 68 Confirmed Cases Of Dengue Fever

General Health
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Evident decrease of 62.43% compared to 2021

The accumulated cases in 2022 correspond to 37 cases of non-severe dengue, 27 cases of dengue with warning signs, and four cases of severe dengue. As of epidemiological week 52 (the last week of the year), no deaths from this cause have been confirmed, although there are deaths under study and awaiting a ruling from the federal health authority.

Last year, the municipalities with the highest number of confirmed cases were: Zapopan (30), Guadalajara (25), Tlaquepaque (2), Tonalá (2), and Puerto Vallarta (2), which represent 90 percent of the total number of reported cases.

Jalisco ranks 21st nationally in terms of incidence rate (0.79 cases per 100,000 inhabitants) and 18th in terms of total confirmed cases.

The trend of dengue infections in the state of Jalisco in the last four weeks has been downward, a behavior typical of the winter season, when there is less circulation of the mosquito that transmits the dengue virus.

of the mosquito that transmits the dengue virus (except in endemic areas, where the Aedes aegypti mosquito can still proliferate during the winter).

Therefore, and to keep the incidence of this disease low, the SSJ invites the population to continue with preventive actions in order to eliminate all possible mosquito breeding sites; following the strategy "Wash, Cover, Turn Over and Throw Away" those objects or containers that can store water; properly dispose of garbage accumulated in yards and outdoor areas and eliminate tires or ensure their storage in closed places.

The SSJ brigades will also continue their prevention work and during the next week will visit neighborhoods such as Lomas de Tabachines, Colinas de la Primavera, Alamedas de Zalatitán, San Agustín, Centro de Tlaquepaque and Lomas del Paraíso.