Swim Store 2022 Cup Ends In Vallarta

Water Sports
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The competition gathered the best open water swimmers.

This morning the competition for the Swim Store 2022 Cup took place in front of the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta; Close to 300 swimmers competed.

From early in the morning people were waiting to see the swimmers enter the water to give their best, so the race started at approximately 8:30 a.m. when the whistle was blown announcing the beginning of the competition in the bay waters.

The competitors entered the water and the race started in front of the audience watching from the boardwalk.

Once they entered the water they adorned the bay with color, there were several competitions in different distances and times, but the people were always attentive and very excited to support their favorite athlete, so there was excitement, as well as fellowship.

Vallartenses, local foreigners, as well as participants from different parts of the country participated.

At the beginning the water was cold but they prepared themselves physically before the competition so it was a great success.

Ismael Meneses Ruelas, coordinator of the Swim Store Cup, Open Water, reported that the event was organized by the Jalisco Swimming Association of which he is president in coordination with the CODE, Jalisco, endorsed by the Mexican Swimming Federation (FMN) and will be selective to the National Open Wate Championship 2023.

It was an open water swimming event classified as long distance, so the swimmers swam several meters out to sea.