Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Ground Floor Opportunity with New Nutrient-Dense Food Company

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Posted By: Vallarta Today Staff Editor
Posted On: 3 year(s) 3 month(s) ago


Ground Floor Opportunity with New Nutrient-Dense Food Company

Yevo is now in Pre-launch in Mexico! That's right, Yevo's mission to change the world one meal at a time is now making its way across the globe. Now, YOU can join TOP Yevo leader and Team! This is a powerful, groundfloor opportunity!

If you are in Mexico or have connections in Mexico, and you speak native Spanish, please contact me right away! As a TOP Yevo Leader and founding distributor, I am looking for several key leaders for my front line at the TOP of the company who are fluent in both English and Spanish to help me lead my Spanish-speaking team in the U.S. and Mexico!

Join us to learn more about Yevo International, and our mission to improve the lives of all people by helping people get the 43 essential nutrients the World Health Organization says we need every day for optimal health. We are a nutrient-dense food company with a powerful mission to change the world!

Contact Top Yevo Leader and Founder, Jodi Unruh:
Website: http://www.jodiunruh.com

contact by phone:
☎ 541 954-1667

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