Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Southwest Commitment to the Region

6821 Southwest AircraftOn its inaugural flight from San Diego, passengers participated in the pre-takeoff celebration.

Last Saturday, Southwest Airlines carried out the inauguration of its flight from San Diego, California to Puerto Vallarta. The travelers on this flight participated in the pre-take-off celebration. They also had the opportunity to sign the record of this new flight and that it will remain for the history of this important airline. In the same way, it was counted with the presence of spokespersons of the airline. The flight, whose frequency will be on Saturdays and Sundays during the season, departed at 7 am local time in San Diego and arrived in Puerto Vallarta at 11:20 am local time.

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In a statement, Brad Hawkings, a spokesman for Southwest Airlines, said it is an honor to offer travelers from both countries the option to fly conveniently, with low fares, two bags free of charge and without charges for reservation changes.

Since its opening as a destination for the airline in 2014, Puerto Vallarta has been of great importance to Southwest, as it is popular for travelers from the United States who are looking for a beach destination that also offers the unmistakable taste of Mexico.

It should be noted that Souhtwest Airlines is the largest airline in California, with a fleet of 750 boeing 737 aircraft. It flies from 10 cities in California to Mexico through 700 daily flights, 6 international ports; connects with 3 destinations in Mexico: Puerto Vallarta (San Diego, Los Angeles and Oakland), Los Cabos (San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento), and Cancun (Los Angeles).

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The company has been operating in the market for 47 years, with an exclusive fleet of Boeing 737 with high technology and with a more powerful machine, it is the largest fleet in the world. The success of the company is due to the customer service provided by its employees, as well as the safety, comfort and monetary value, which represents for the traveler an exclusive reason why it is their preference.

One more benefit offered by Southwest to its passengers is the Bags Fly Free, that is, they do not pay for the first two pieces of luggage, they do not charge their clients for making changes to their flights.

Southwest, operates with 56,000 employees who participate in the transfer of more than 120 million passengers a year. It is one of the most solid airlines that has 44 years of uninterrupted profitability. It operates more than 3,900 flights per day during high season and has a network of 100 destinations in the United States and 10 other countries.

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