Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Qualified English teachers sought to instruct next generation of Mexico’s teachers

engteachfronttThere may come a day when English is toppled from its perch atop the hierarchical ziggurat of the world’s most omnipresent languages in fact, there is little doubt of that, if the fates of Greek, Latin, French, et al, are any indication but until then, the peoples of earth are stuck with the onus of having to learn it or risk economic obsolescence.

In line with this linguistic toeing-of-the-line, Mexico’s Secretary of Public Education (SEP) is on the lookout for qualified English teachers to instruct enrollees at teacher training colleges (normales) around the country in an effort to boost knowledge of the language among all teachers, not just among those for whom it is already a specialty.

In an official communique, SEP specified that in the next few months they hope to fill 646 posts by way of an evaluation utilizing a set of competitive criteria, including the possession of degrees, certificates or other proof positive indicating mastery of the English language, pedagogy of said language, overall intellectual ability and a dedication to professionalism and good ethics. Preference will be given to those who possess the Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) certificate or the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).

Those without said certificates must take the University of Cambridge exam and present proof of its satisfactory completion. SEP will cover exam fees for the first 1,000 applicants.

SEP’s push for the country’s linguistic Anglicization is a part of the larger National English Strategy, introduced to the public this past July by ministry head Aurelio Nuño Mayer.

The stated aim of the initiative is to transform Mexico into a fully bilingual nation within 20 years.

“Today,” proclaims the SED website, “speaking English means more than just speaking a foreign language; it’s about becoming a part the global community.”

Those interested in applying for the program may visit during the registration period, August 31-September 30.

Source: theguadalajarareporter

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