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The Equestrian Activity Continues

  • It takes place in 3 and 4 dates of winter calendar

The Guadalajara Country Club receives state championship Jumping

hipicaGUADALAJARA, JALISCO (27/SEP/2012.) - The season's Winter Equestrian Association of Jalisco is just beginning, but from the beginning some categories and outline a season champions, is the case of the equestrian rider, Juan Manuel Luzardo , who with "Jimador" could crown his victory in the highest test which competes in the state calendar, the height of 1.40 meters.

The Guadalajara Country Club will be the setting for the date 3 and 4 winter calendar that began last week with the participation and victory seasonal favorites like Luzardo, and young John Paul Gaspar, who dominated their respective categories, well as the significance of the new values ​​of hippies, some of whom who decided to change the test to raise their level and others stayed to consolidate and close strong in the winter.

The event will start on Friday with a formal training and from 15:30 pm will be the first competition with the height at 1.20 meters, followed by the 90 and 75 meters. Saturday sees activity higher testing from 8:30 am to 1.20 meters in height followed by 1.30, 1.40, 1.10 and 1 meter scheduled open at 13:00.

The activity will end Sunday at the Guadalajara Country Club with six tests having as stellar of 1.40 meters at 14.00.

The winter season has eight dates and end with that annual results are rounded to the delivery of ribbons and cars in categories that include such award.


Admission is free to the Guadalajara Country Club Equestrian area for dates 3 ​​and 4 of the Winter Championship Equestrian Association of Jalisco.

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