Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Solving The Mysteries of Happiness

Last week I talked about your summer of personal development. I want to continue that theme because, to me, absolutely nothing is more important!

You will become exactly, precisely and ONLY the person you decide to become.

Oh, I know, lots of people quibble about genetics and circumstances and "luck," and they do play a small role. Physical characteristics, like height and eye color and gender are controlled by genetics, and I understand tall, good-looking people have a small advantage. And, once in a while someone stumbles into the perfect job. Sure, that happens. But it's rare and not very important in the scheme of things.

Your choices, your actions and your skills play a vastly more important role in determining who you are and the life you live. How could it be otherwise?

There's lots of talk about "happiness" these days. It seems there's a new book almost every week, and that's a good thing. Who doesn't want to be happy? What confuses me is that I never knew there was so much mystery about it.

Happy people do certain things. They do work they love, and they are very good at it. They build supportive relationships, especially with family and loved ones. They save for the future, monitor their health, take time for fun, and invest in things that are worthwhile. When they need to get better at something--from learning a new skill, to talking with their teenagers, to saving for retirement-- they are pro-active. They find a mentor or read a book and learn the things they need to know and do to have a great life.

Where's the mystery in that?
Well, one mystery is that so few people actually do these things! I'm amazed at that!
In a world where health and wealth, pleasant entertainment and positive activities are so easy available, millions of folks sit in front of the television watching insipid comedies and horror movies! Our generation knows more about great relationships, great sex (tips can be found everywhere, it seems), saving for retirement and getting a bit of exercise than any generation in history.

And yet obesity and diabetes, heart disease, and general malaise are rampant. How can that be?
This is not for you! TIPS subscribers are the extreme "cream of the crop." We are the "best of the best." We are more aware, more intentional, more ambitious and wiser than 99% of the rest of the world. We read and think, we take classes, attend the seminars, and invest our time better than almost anyone.

That is true for you, personally, isn't it? Yes or No?

Gradually, over time, you will inevitably become the person you set out to be.

If you make conscious, intentional choices and pursue them actively, the results are virtually guaranteed. But, if you drift and wander, "go with the flow" and do what other people do, at the end of the day you'll get pretty much what other people get. And that is not for you!
This summer, become the person you truly are. Get up a bit earlier. Use these beautiful summer days for a bit of exercise. Read more, and better. Play with your kids (or grandkids) and volunteer some. Eat better. Plant some flowers and make the world a prettier place. And laugh, a lot!

Make a commitment that by September you'll be proud of how you spent your summer. By September, make sure you know a bit more, and have more of the life you truly want. Be a more loving, thoughtful spouse and parent. Be more daring, more courageous and more productive. Learn some new skills and create amazing memories. Make some money and use it well. Walk barefoot and eat corn on the cob.

There's very little mystery about "happiness." It's waiting for you! Claim it. Be who you are! Make this your summer of transformation.

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