Saturday, May 26, 2018
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It's Better To Be Rich!

By: Philip Humbert.

There's an old story that when he was the wealthiest man in the world, J. Paul Getty's brother sent him a letter that began, "To the Wealthiest man in the world, from the Richest man in the world." His brother was making the distinction between having lots of cash and being truly rich.

This past couple of weeks, I've been with some of the most wonderful and value-centered people in the world. I've played golf, gone for long walks, enjoyed the sounds of the silence and the sound of fish jumping in the lake. I've walked and talked with Mary, and read great books. I've slept late when I wanted to, and been up to witness the sunrise. I've danced, eaten fresh-caught fish, and renewed old friendships. How rich is that!? And now for the nugget: Your life can be as RICH as you want it to be, whenever you decide to "make it so."

There is no need to wait! The RICHNESS of your life is not dependent on cash, or assets, or anything else. You don't have to have money or own a business or get a raise, or move to a new city. The richness of your life is strictly up to you and depends on only a few simple, daily disciplines.
Here are a few suggestions:

1. The Daily Discipline of having FUN! Every day, hug someone you love, play, dance, take a nap or go for a run. Do something you love and do it every day. Of course, you'll want to schedule work and errands, but be sure that first of all, you schedule time to actually LIVE your life out loud. Have lottsa fun!

2. The Daily Discipline of Planning. John Lennon said that "life is what happens while you are making other plans." Every day, just before bed or first thing in the morning, choose your priorities. Review your goals and values, and plan your activities accordingly. Of course, you'll want to include the daily tasks of life, but make sure your VALUES show up as well!

3. The Daily Discipline of Learning. Our world is changing and those who do not learn, are destined to fall behind. Every day, read for 30 to 60 minutes. Every day listen to audio programs in your car or while you exercise. Watch educational TV programs. Attend concerts, classes and workshops. If you aren't learning something new, you are falling behind.

4. The Daily Discipline of Thinking. Henry Thoreau wrote that he went to the woods to "live deliberately," and that's a GOOD thing! These past two weeks, I've had the chance to choose my activities each day and to spend part of each day just "sitting." I sit for ideas and inspiration. I sit to watch a sunrise. I sit to absorb the gifts life gives freely. Take time each day to envision your goals, to affirm your values and set your direction.
5. The Daily Discipline of Work. In the end, results matter. Doing work that makes a difference, work that produces results and makes life better is one of life's great blessings. It's a chance to partner with God to make the world a better place for ourselves and others. Never fritter away your life on empty effort or trivial chores, but do all the real Work you can!

Personally, I believe the time we spend on these Daily Disciplines is not "subtracted" from our total, but is actually "added" to our lives--it adds to the quality, the richness and quite possibly, the length of our lives.

Take time to have Fun, to Plan, to Learn, to Think and to Work every day. Do not spend your life being busy about trivial things! Hopefully, we have many years ahead of us, but we know that life is short and it ends too soon. Should your time arrive unexpectedly, be sure your loved ones know that you LIVED every day of your life!

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