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Thieves; They could be mistaken as tourists

They report the arrival of gangs of thieves from other states that come to rob the region, a cyclical phenomenon from which it is necessary for citizens and merchants to protect themselves.

This was affirmed by Marco Roberto Juarez, security expert and president of the Business Security Council of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay.

"Unfortunately, just as it is very positive to have so many flights coming to Vallarta from different parts of the country, there are times when it is also a vulnerable point that I believe we work a lot with the authorities in order to make it difficult for people who have a very frequent robbery activity in other states of the Republic".

He added that they travel as tourists and come to this region and want to carry out the same criminal activities they do in their places of origin, "I think that is why it is also very important to be exchanging this information with the authorities so that if they travel by plane, road, etcetera, we can identify these individuals, who really the only activity they do here is criminal and we must avoid it".


He acknowledged that this type of thieves engage in "criminal tourism" to pass unnoticed as tourists.

"Totally, because finally it is exclusively to what they travel, it is what they move, they have no productive activity and it is exclusively to try to benefit, they consider that they can pass themselves off as tourists, fortunately we have many successful cases, where these people have been identified and we have a database by the private initiative that we always share in the authorities, hence it is very important to report and that there is an investigation folder so that the authorities can make the corresponding investigations.

"We have been insisting on the principle of knowing what kind of crimes are occurring in the area where they have been committed, and in the case, for example, that this type of robbery is being generated, there must be a report of everything, and it must be immediately reported to 911, why is it important, because the authority has to know all the criminal activities that are occurring, and from there it starts to generate a map showing exactly what type of crimes, at what time, the type of people, because if people do not report or do not report, the authority practically cannot generate a data base, and obviously there has to be a report to the Prosecutor's Office so that they also start to make an investigation".

He emphasized the importance of reporting to generate a database of thieves, and to be able to act in accordance with the law.