The Catrina Ends And The Christmas Tree Arrives

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Puerto Vallarta Readies for December Festivities

As the clock ticks away, the vibrant celebrations of the Day of the Dead will now gracefully segue into the December holiday festivities. Today marks the end of an era as the famous "Huesuda," the largest Catrina in the world, bids adieu to adorning Puerto Vallarta's boardwalk, transforming into a resplendent Christmas tree set to enchant both children and adults in Mexico's most prominent tourist destination.

Puerto Vallarta's Catrina stood tall at a towering 28.15 meters, earning the esteemed title of the world's largest Catrina in 2023. Crafted with funding from the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust and the Jalisco Ministry of Tourism, this remarkable creation was designed by María Dolores Chávez, who has already been honored for her outstanding work.

With the conclusion of this chapter of the Day of the Dead, a new era of December festivities commences, promising to bring threefold tourism to Puerto Vallarta. Seizing the moment of the Catrina's dismantling, the grand Christmas tree will take its place, while the entire boardwalk undergoes a metamorphosis, transitioning from celebrating death to reveling in life.

December heralds the renowned Pilgrimages, followed by the ceremonial welcome to the humpback whales, festivities honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe, numerous posadas, and family gatherings culminating in Christmas Day and, finally, the much-anticipated New Year's Eve of 2023 and the dawn of 2024.

As always, Puerto Vallarta readies itself to welcome thousands of tourists who will relish the perfect weather, stunning sunsets, breathtaking landscapes, festive decorations, and nights illuminated not just by electric lights but also by the smiles and jubilation of the people of Puerto Vallarta.

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