Patriotic Celebrations In Pitillal

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Preparations Underway in Puerto Vallarta

The Pitillal square, a characteristic destination in Puerto Vallarta deeply rooted in its culture, is all set to host the Independence Day celebration on September 15th. This celebration marks one of the most significant Mexican festivals, prompting families across the nation to answer the call of patriotism and nationalism, as they come together to commemorate the origins of Mexican sovereignty.

During these days, dozens of vendors set up their stalls throughout the square and its surroundings to support and boost their sales, which are unfortunately affected by the low season due to the hotel tourism. The vendors seize this festive occasion to enhance their business.

With a carefully planned cultural and artistic program, the Pitillal Delegation has prepared a variety of performances to entertain and astonish the audience. Year after year, people choose to celebrate the grand Independence Day in Pitillal, where a lively and joyful atmosphere prevails. The celebration kicks off with a performance by the Folkloric Ballet Xiuhtla, followed by artists Martin Madero and Fátima Rodríguez taking the stage. At eleven o'clock in the evening, the traditional cry for independence will be reenacted. To conclude the night, the band "La Legalona" will deliver a stellar performance, getting everyone on their feet.

The grand cry for independence marks the beginning of the Pitillal patron saint festivities, which will feature bands like "La Banda Machos" and "Banda Astilleros." It promises to be a vibrant and unforgettable celebration of Mexican culture and unity in the heart of Puerto Vallarta.