Everything Set For Mexican Independence Day Celebrations In Puerto Vallarta

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The Largest Mexican Celebration in Puerto Vallarta

The grand proclamation of Independence is a highly significant national celebration for all Mexicans. In every town, municipality, and state across Mexico, Patriotic Festivities are held with the sole purpose of remembering and reaffirming their love for Mexico. The entire celebration is known as the Cry of Independence.

For this 15th of September, the Municipal Government of Puerto Vallarta is ready to celebrate Mexico's grandest patriotic festival in the best possible manner, with Art and Culture for the People. All preparations are in place to welcome all the citizens and tourists of Puerto Vallarta to join together in the traditional Cry of Independence.

The celebration's program is as follows:

6:15 pm: Performance by Azucena Campos
6:45 pm: The Authentic from Nayarit, Martín Rodríguez
7:20 pm: Ballet by Mia Dance Studio
7:45 pm: Komando MR
9:45 pm: Zafiro Group
10:30 pm: Mariachi Tierra Jalisciense
11:00 pm: Cry of Independence
11:30 pm: Fireworks
12:15 pm: Farra Group

The Vallartense Institute of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism and Economic Development, as well as the Ministry of Government, have prepared this celebration with great enthusiasm to demonstrate that the love for Mexico's independence is of international interest. Furthermore, it emphasizes that there was a priest named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla who sacrificed his life to make Mexico a free country. Thanks to his Cry of Independence, the battle for freedom was ignited.