IMAJ Puerto Vallarta Calls For An Initiative To Support Pollination.

Human Interest
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Creating Pollination Spaces helps preserve the lives of bees and other insects.

Pollination spaces are crucial for the balance of ecosystems and the survival of numerous species, especially bees. These places provide the habitat and necessary resources for these pollinators to play their crucial role in plant reproduction, thus ensuring the diversity and abundance of flora. Without pollination, many plants would not be able to reproduce, affecting not only biodiversity but also the food chain and human food security. The importance of maintaining pollination spaces extends beyond the conservation of bees and plants. These places also promote the preservation of other beneficial insects, as well as birds and mammals that depend directly or indirectly on the resources provided by pollinated plants. Additionally, healthy ecosystems with a diversity of species are better equipped to withstand environmental disturbances and adapt to climate changes, further underscoring the need to protect these spaces.

IMAJ is calling for bringing plants and planting them in the Linear Park on April 19th at 8:30 am. Each plant counts in the effort to preserve and promote the lives of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Bees are indispensable guardians of life on our planet; their tireless work as pollinators is vital for maintaining the balance of ecosystems and ensuring the survival of flora and fauna, including our own.

Promoting and maintaining pollination spaces can also have significant economic and social benefits. Pollination contributes to the production of a wide variety of food crops, as well as ornamental and medicinal plants. By preserving and creating conducive environments for pollination, agricultural productivity is promoted, food security is strengthened, and biodiversity conservation is encouraged, resulting in healthier and more resilient communities.