Natural, Biodegradable and Re-Usable Products

Human Interest
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Do you know how much plastic and garbage someone can produce? On average a person in Mexico makes about a kilo of garbage a day. So, when possible, perhaps it would be best to aim to use natural products with recyclable packagings- like with La Tiendita Sostenible products.


Aurora Santoyo was born and raised in warm Puerto Vallarta, and about 2 years ago she realized how much trash people produce- how if she used a shampoo bottle up and threw it away, she would no longer have an attachment to the bottle, but it’d still be out there, stuck and not disintegrating, and even if it got broken down into smaller particles, they’d still be present and harming the environment, especially our beaches and oceans. So she set out to create and sell products that used natural, biodegradable ingredients, with biodegradable packaging, creating either as little as possible or no waste. 



Aurora has an array of products, some that she made herself and others that come imported from other places. Among the products that she makes are natural body soaps, no-waste shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste pellets, reusable and washable menstrual pads, and cosmetic products. Of the products she has brought in from other places there are reusable silicon tea diffusers and coffee capsules, medical-grade silicone menstrual cups, 100% degradable hair and toothbrushes, and silicon Tupperware containers. 


Tiendita Sostenible has been around for two years, but doesn’t have a storefront location and mostly sells items through online orders through their Facebook and Instagram [both linked below] but you can also find the products at the Magic Market on Fridays!