Our Pets Intuition, Listen and Learn?

Pets and Vets
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Pets,we all have one or know someone who has one. They range from the common cats, dogs, birds, fish to the more exotic ones like snakes, spiders, or reptiles.  But no matter what your tastes, you love your pets.

As for myself, I  have had cats,dogs,fish and birds in my lifetime.  Sometimes I have combined them. Cats with dogs,cats with birds (with disastrous results), or cats with fish. Again with disastrous results. A lot of us with children have succumbed to our children's pleas for a pet gerbil.  I know I did, much to my wife's disgust. 

 “What?” I asked, “they are cute”.

“They are disgusting overgrown rodents,” she shouted! Well they lasted in the house for two weeks before my daughters lost interest in them and the cats ate them. Oops they said. We forgot to close the cage. To this day I still suspect my wife of the time of deliberately leaving the cage open and putting the cat in the room. Once she insisted that I spend five hundred dollars on a cute Basset puppy for her. It was all paws and clumsy as all get out, so I  called her Daffy. Problem was, Daffy adored me, hated her. Used to do her business on my wife's shoes,clothes, anything that had her odors.  Finally my wife gave me an ultimatum, it was her or the dog. I should have taken that as an omen. I should have kept the dog. Lol. As I found out years later,my pets were a good judge of character.

My sister in law made me a gift of a cockatiel by the name of Zeke. A beautiful yellow bird. The reason she gave him to me was because her kids used to torment the poor bird constantly and Zeke just wouldn't shut up. He was always squawking.  When I came to visit, I always stood by the cage and spoke to Zeke in a calming voice and he responded to me. He would let me pet him and he would sit on my shoulder. I was the only one who could get him to do that,so she gave him to me. About a month after coming home with me, I found an egg in Zekes cage. WHAT? Zekes a girl!  I found out later that Cockatiels will only lay eggs if they have a mate. Oh oh,was I guilty of inter-species marriage? LOL. About that time I had just been remarried.  Zeke hated my new wife. With me, Zeke would land on my head and reach over and trim my mustache or trim my eyebrows.  With my wife, she would land on her head and poop, or she would bite her face. I guess she wasn't really into a three some. Again I should have listened to my pet because again I got an ultimatum.  Should have kept the bird. I would have saved myself a lot of grief. 

Now I have a new dog and a beautiful new wife. He's a Cockapoo by the name of Sydney. He is fairly well known in Puerto Vallarta.  He has been coming down with us for the past 12 years and loves it as much as we do. When we are getting ready to leave and we are waiting for the limo to take us to the airport, I put his kennel in the kitchen with the door open. As soon as he hears the limo pull up he reluctantly climbs into the kennel. He hates the darn thing, but he knows that he has to go, and he knows that he will have fun at the other end. We have a couple of friends that are not dog fanciers. He knows who they are and when they come over he completely ignores them, which is totally against his personality.  He is usually a very happy-go- lucky boy. He loves everybody. But he knows who isn't his friend and we pay attention to that when we are out walking. If he shys away from someone, we pay attention to that. Obviously that person is not to be trusted.  Pets are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Love and care for your pets and they will provide you with a lifetime of unconditional love, quirky anecdotes, and perhaps some unspoken advice.