The Healing Power Of Bougainvillea Flower.

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Living Medicine Within Reach of Vallarta's Residents.

Puerto Vallarta is a special territory that enjoys having hundreds of shrubs with Bougainvillea flowers. These flowers are beautiful healing leaves that serve to alleviate some illnesses. If we pay attention to the properties of these flowers, we could seek treatment with the force of nature and support traditional medicine in caring for the diseases that this flower can help overcome.

Although it is said that the healing aspect of Bougainvillea lies in its flower, in reality, the roots and leaves also contain spectacular healing properties. The scientific name of this flower is Nyctaginaceae, but colloquially it is called Bougainvillea, Buganvilla, Napoleón, and Santa Rita. It is wonderful because it adapts to any climate; that's why it is the most abundant medicinal plant in Mexico.

Bougainvillea is antitussive, expectorant, and febrifuge; this means it is perfect for when there is a cough and cold, helping to alleviate the discomfort. It also helps prevent lung mucus from sticking and coming out easily, and it is an antipyretic that helps fight fever. It is also very helpful for ulcers since its anti-inflammatory properties help calm the ulcerations, relieving the pain they produce.

Among other properties, Bougainvillea eliminates stomach discomfort when there is acidity, relieves diarrhea, and in addition to controlling diabetes, it is widely used to disinfect wounds thanks to its purifying qualities. But one of the most important properties is that, as a poultice, it helps to relieve muscular pain.

Puerto Vallarta is privileged to naturally have hundreds of Bougainvillea shrubs, and a community that, in addition to knowing its medicinal properties, also knows its aesthetic properties since they are beautiful flowers that harmonize the city and give it color.