No Case Of Monkeypox In Jalisco

General Health
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The entity registers the first week with no active cases of the disease

For the first time since June 2022, when the first case of mpox was reported in Jalisco, the state recorded the first week without active cases of the disease. In addition, for the second week, there are no new confirmed cases.

Active cases refer to people who are during the period in which they can spread the disease, during which they are requested to maintain home isolation.

As of February 27th, the Ministry of Health of Jalisco (SSJ) maintains the accumulated number of confirmed cases at 401, but for the moment there are no persons whose health status should be monitored due to close contact with positive cases.

In Jalisco, the Epidemiological and Sanitary Intelligence Unit (UIES) maintains permanent surveillance and monitoring of the disease. The Call Center continues to provide information and answer questions through the number 33 38 23 23 32 20 and/or clinical evaluation of suspected cases in medical units of the various health sector institutions in the state. A total of 750 cases have been treated through these channels.

Of the accumulated cases, the vast majority of confirmed cases are in the 30-39 age group (192 people in this range) with an average age of 33 years; while 98.3% correspond to males and 1.7% to females.

Residence of the total number of confirmed cases: 316 in municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara (AMG), 64 in other municipalities of Jalisco, 2 in another state of the country (treated here) and 19 in another country.

Transmission of mpox requires close skin-to-skin contact and/or contact with body fluids and moist areas.