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María Guadalupe Patiño Sánchez, Psychologist specializing in adolescent sexuality at CONALEP Puerto Vallarta High School

It is crucial that young individuals are well-informed about sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy prevention during their vulnerable adolescent stage when they often lack adequate information. The aim is for young people to have firsthand information from reliable sources, whether it be individuals or institutions that provide comprehensive information with statistics. This can help prevent unfortunate situations like early pregnancies, which can pose significant sociological challenges for young individuals.

Socio-emotional skills and emotional management are integral components of the curriculum at CONALEP. These subjects are designed to address the doubts and questions that adolescents may have at an early age. María Guadalupe Patiño, who also provides direct support to students with inquiries, mentioned the importance of these programs within the school.

CONALEP does not endorse or promote sexual relationships among young individuals. Instead, the institution promotes responsible and informed decision-making if young people choose to engage in sexual activity, ensuring that it does not hinder their dreams and aspirations.

Taboo topics related to sexuality are often more challenging for adults than for young people. The youth have easy access to a wealth of sexual information through social media, which can fill them with knowledge.

Regarding abortion, CONALEP respects the choices made by young individuals regarding parenthood. The institution values the freedom of choice for students. However, it is essential for the institution to provide as much information as possible so that young people can make informed decisions. It is vital for young individuals to be aware of contraceptive methods to prevent conflicts. Neither young men nor young women should bear sole responsibility for the consequences of a sexual relationship; it is a shared responsibility.

We recommend maintaining open communication between parents and children, as well as between students and teachers. Empathy and effective communication are essential to ensure that young people feel supported and secure in making informed decisions.

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