Municipal Committee For Aids Prevention (COMUSIDA) In Puerto Vallarta.

General Health
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Various Events, Forums, Talks, and Preventive Activities.

The Coordinator of COMUSIDA Puerto Vallarta spoke to "Vallarta Today" about the development of the Health Fair, which included forums, talks, events, and preventive activities in the context of World Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day. The awareness regarding the right for adolescents to consent to their bodies and enjoy their pleasures in accordance with their age was emphasized.

José Asunción Topete González mentioned that there was a significant turnout of young people from Puerto Vallarta, and he was pleasantly surprised by the active and creative participation of teenagers with very interesting proposals to address the issue itself.

These kinds of fairs, where different institutions come together to inform and guide young people and engage in social discussions about various social issues related to sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies, are crucial.

Friendly Services provided support to various young people concerning adolescent risks, especially during the period of biological anatomical changes, and also assisted in administering the Congenital Syphilis vaccine. The Youth Care Center addressed mental health topics through conversations with teenagers, equipping them with tools to develop mental health and skills.

For COMUSIDA, young people are essential in building a better society. However, parents must create spaces for dialogue so that young people have the confidence to establish open lines of communication with their parents. When young people seek information, they should do so through their own parents, with institutions serving as sources of support.