Details for Vaccination Against Covid-19 of the Education Sector

General Health
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The La Lija sports unit will be the headquarters for the vaccination of about 9,000 education workers in the Western Sierra Coast region.

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health in Jalisco, in coordination with the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta, fine-tune details for the vaccination day against Covid-19, which from this Wednesday, April 28 until May 1, will be aimed at teachers and educational personnel of the 9 municipalities that make up the Regional Delegation of Educational Services Region Costa Sierra Occidental, and which will be based at the La Lija sports unit, northeast of El Pitillal, in Coapinole.

For this purpose, a coordination meeting was held, in which the interim municipal president, Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado, participated; the head of the DRSE in this region, Roberto Palomera Preciado; the coordinator of Brigadistas for this vaccination process by this agency, Fausto Jacobo Hernández, as well as the head of the VIII Sanitary Region, Vladimir Atilano Barraza, and directors of the different areas of the city council, who also made a tour of the facilities of La Lija, where also this Tuesday they will do a drill so that the day flows successfully.

In this regard, the head of the DRSE, Roberto Palomera, indicated that there will be about 9 thousand education workers from Puerto Vallarta, Cabo Corrientes, Tomatlán, San Sebastián del Oeste, Mascota, Talpa de Allende, Atenguillo, Mixtlán and Huachinango, belonging to to this educational region, who will be receiving the biological in this vaccination module, which is the only one authorized by the federation and the state for this area.

He pointed out that in this case, the Cansino vaccine will be applied to managers, heads of sectors, supervisors, teachers, administrative, administration and maintenance personnel, and basic, upper secondary, and higher levels of public and private schools. The objective is to apply the biological to all educational personnel, after registering on the platform that was enabled at the state level for this process.

He explained together with the coordinator of Brigades, that in the case of those who are part of the public sector, they must make their prior registration on the Jalisco vaccination registration platform, where through their CURP they will be creating the registry according to the database of the public education system, and from this Tuesday on the same platform they will be able to consult the day on which they should go to receive the vaccine, to have greater order and avoid crowds at the point.

For those who belong to a private institution, it will be the director of each school who will previously feed the database with his staff so that it is approved and the origin of their vaccination determined. In both cases, the page will show them the documents that they must present in print on the day of their appointment, and they must also carry their official identification.

At the vaccination point, there will be registration and incident survey tables, as well as support for those who have any questions. Palomera Preciado indicated that there is the possibility that a fifth day of vaccination will be enabled for those unforeseen situations, and that they would have to be re-scheduled, but that will be established according to the vaccination process.

He indicated that through coordination, the municipal government will be supporting the headquarters of La Lija with furniture, internet, support personnel, security, and civil protection. The Ministry of Education will supply the computer equipment for the records, and the Ministry of Health will be in charge of medical services, in order to develop a teamwork that allows this important day to be carried out successfully.