Impossible to Buy Covid Vaccine Doses

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This time, vaccines are only distributed through the federal government and it is not known how long they will be available to individuals.


No matter how much money you have at that time, it is impossible to buy coronavirus vaccines. This was commented by Dr. Marco Antonio Inda Caro, a specialist doctor from the IMSS, when he was questioned about a group of hoteliers in Cancun acquiring the vaccine, as announced in some media. It is not possible at this time to acquire even one, let alone a batch of vaccines against the SARS-Covid-2 virus, since by an international protocol, these are only available to the governments that signed the protocol of the Covax alliance.

It does not depend on money but on an agreement between countries to acquire it and supply it through the health sector of each signatory entity. The information, replicated in numerous media specializing in the tourism sector, refers to the fact that the Cancun Hotel Association would have tried to acquire 500 doses of the vaccine for its personnel, in order to apply it and shield them since they live daily with hundreds of tourists.

Although he refers that talks with Pfizer-BioNtech as well as with other laboratories are being developed and will take place in a few months, it is still not possible to know when the vaccine could be found for sale to individuals. This type of process has to do with patents but in this particular case, the situation must be even more complex if we consider that it is a drug to contain a pandemic.