Importance of Meditation

General Health
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Meditation is an increasingly widespread practice in our society, which allows to dominate our mind and at the same time reach a state of consciousness. In this times that we have passed through different emotions it is very important to reconnect with ourselves and be fully aware of our emotional wellbeing.

Meditation is an increasingly widespread practice in our society which allows to control our mind at a higher level of consciousness. During this time we Experience and fell many different emotions. It’s very important to reconnect with ourselves and be fully aware of our emotional wellbeing and meditations is an ancient process that makes this happen. Repeating from the previous article, meditation is the process of awareness. Aware of everything around us from mind, body and spiritual harmony.
How can we start to Meditate? First find a good time during the day or night that works for you and your hectic live. Many people like quiet gardens, beaches or a tranquil location. Consistency is key as you have now consciously decided to take control of your thoughts. Believe it or not getting yourself in the correct mental state is where it all begins. The goal is a “quiet mind”, to stop the “noise” in your head. To stop thinking is like turning the television off and still sitting in front of the set, this is the goal. While some might say “what now”, the “now” is the “what”. Except at this point you don’t go to the refrigerator. Many people will use meditation music, others will use a chant. Do whatever works for you!
Since the body is involved it’s important to have the correct posture and the type of meditation we feel comfortable using. Yoga and Tai Chi are forms of meditation and a posture held for an extended period of time is physical. As you begin to look inward and “calm your mind” the process of self-awareness and self-observation begins. For beginner Meditators ten minutes to whatever time you feel comfortable with is appropriate. The more experienced will be able to meditate for days on end. Meditation with Tibetan bawls for example or in the hydrotherapy Aquatic Therapies like Aquachi assist in the process.
A very important factor to be able to meditate is to learn to breathe properly. This will help you to physically oxygenate our body which brings us into the state of mind we desire. With a calm and deep rhythmic breath we can reach a state of inner peace. Breathing is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do before we die. We do not pay attention because is something automatic, however it is very important to breath properly for meditation and for our lives. “Breathing is pure vital energy”
By breathing rhythmically and deeply you will reach a state of mind where you are fully in the “present”. In this state of consciousness the self-observation begins. However being human it takes practice to not to let the future or past “things” disturb the moment. By Meditation you can reach the power to be in your present moment and illuminate your being.
Meditation will relax and calm your inner self, you will be content with increased energy. Your attention span increase, reduce anxiety, and help develop a positive perspective on life. Amazingly it will improve your immune system, improve concentration, creativity and reduce stress.
You will harmonize your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental aspects of your “wellbeing”. You become more self aware and more capable of handling stressful situations.
Using Meditation with something like Tai Chi or hydrotherapy calms your mind allowing a person to “clear the page”. The hydrotherapy process makes the whole process easier. People who have little or no experience with meditation may want to use the hydrotherapy process which helps the whole process with gentle movements floating and moving is the water. For beginners this process is effective and the sound of the water is soothing and relaxing which helps calm the mind. You focus on the water and the sounds then slip into a state of relaxation which of course is where Meditation begins.
I hope this has been enlightening and I am available for questions through the link. Feel the power of self-empowerment and the “lightness of being” with positive meditation.