Your Wellbeing, Health and Effects of Stress

General Health
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What is the best way to deal with stress relative to our wellness and health? First we have to understand that “Stress” is all in our mind.

Stress is generated by different worldly influences. Sometimes it comes from a stressful job, family issues, health concerns or life situations. Especially as we are living with the Covid19 virus today!  Economic problems, fears, traumas all come into play as baseline causes of stress. When our mind doesn’t know how to let stress go it can manifest in the physical form. Many times the emotional results of stress are reflected in physical symptoms. Insomnia, migraine headaches, muscles tension, skin issues, insomnia, ulcers, high blood pressure and more. All are physical reactions to stress. Your mental state affects our emotional wellbeing in regards to Sadness, Depression and feelings of generally negativity and helplessness. This negative energy flows throughout your entire system.

So we know that the mind, body and spirit are connected both emotionally and physically. So it’s important you release this stress and reduce, if not eliminate, the physical symptoms of mental tornados at the same time.  But how?

In my different studies I have learned spirituality and massage techniques can reduce physical stress symptoms very well. Naturally after a shot while the stress levels and physical pain will naturally return. At AquaChi I’ve developed a healing hydrotherapy that uses water as a therapeutic energy conduit / tool. Using the conductive power of water taping into the mental foundation of stress is both a physical and spiritual process which transfers and removes a person’s negative energy and mental blocks. It’s an energy transfer developed I have developed which has helped many people shed the negative energy, thus halting the negative physical effects of Stress.

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This simple process requires only a swimming pool and a trained therapist suspending your face and your body in their arms constantly. With the soft and rhythmic movements on the water surface, it’s like a soft massage both stretching your muscles, combined with meditation. With every rhythmic movement floating on the water deep meditation easily occurs. This is the perfect moment when you are in a mental neutral state of free thinking releasing control of the moment. Your mind moves into a deep relaxation state where the stress melts away naturally as the negative energy is released into the water as a grounding presence.

It sounds like “magic” and maybe it is, but it works and it’s incredible. I have seen many people free themselves from stress and a variety of negative emotional blocks. Stress issues like insomnia disappear replaced with a full night of relaxing sleep. Normally after the first session people will sleep for a bit of an extended period. The feeling of comfort, peace and wellbeing after the release of the negative mental energy puts your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body back in equilibrium.

Remembering that stress is a mental condition that will remain as long as the stressful situations remain. The Hydotherapy process releases stress for a longer period of time than other treatments like exercise for example. Not that exercise is bad. In combination with exercise and the emotional, spiritual equilibrium of this Hydrotherapy people feel like the “weight of the world” has been taken off their shoulders. Peoples mental attitudes are more positive and the physical aspects of just “feeling better” is the end result of Hydotherapy.

I hope this has been enlightening and I am available for questions through the link. Feel the power of self-empowerment and the “lightness of being” as stress melts away leaving the felling’s of “peace of mind”, with the physical healing results of hydrotherapy.

Everything starts and ends with your mind and how you process your daily information and confrontations. You are an amazing individual, set your spirit free and enjoy the world around you through a more positive mental state through Hydrotherapy.