If You've Been Scared By the Coronavirus, You're Suffering From the Effects of Mind Control

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Cults. They were the scourge of the American landscape. Groups such as Jim Jones and the People's Temple, Heaven's Gate, Divine Light Mission, Children of God, the Moonies and Hare Krishna.

In two of these groups, the members committed suicide. The public were terrified. How could this happen?

I have news for you.

It's happening again. Right Now! 

If you live in any of the countries affected by the lockdowns, you've been forced into a cult mindset without your knowledge; without your consent. What most people do not know is your government and the media are using industrial strength mind control techniques on you. The purpose? Power and control by generating fear and uncertainty. That way, they can make you do their bidding. Here's a sampling of what they're doing and how it's affecting you:


Milieu Control is closely connected to the process of change. (This partly explains why there can be a sudden lifting of the cult identity when a young person who has been in a cult for some time is abruptly exposed to outside, alternative influences.)”

“One can almost observe the process in some young people who undergo a dramatic change in their prior identity, whatever it was, to an intense embrace of a cult’s belief system and group structure.”

One doesn’t have to look too far to see the effects. The 24/7365 bombardment by the government and media about the coronavirus, hitting us from every direction, unceasingly. This is a standard cult technique and it is designed to radically change people’s identities.  

“The next two characteristics of totalism, the “demand for purity” and the “cult of confession,” are familiar. The demand for purity can create a Manichean quality in cults, as in some other religious and political groups. Such a demand calls for radical separation of pure and impure, of good and evil, within an environment and within oneself. Absolute purification is a continuing process. It is often institutionalized; and, as a source of stimulation of guilt and shame, it ties in with the confession process.”

Witness the mask wars, as an example. Massive polarization. If you wear the mask you are good and moral and you “care for the existence of others.” You’re a compassionate person, and worthy of much praise, because you put your fellow man ahead of yourself.

If you oppose the mask, you’re stupid, selfish, ignorant, a psychopath and worse, a murderer. People like you “are killing grandma” and deserve to be vilified, hated, and punished. In some places, people have been murdered because they refused to wear a mask.

The “demand for purity” has turned many people into snitches, who report anyone who doesn’t follow the rules, even if that person is a neighbor. It has created a black and white dynamic as to who is “good and just” and those “evildoers who challenge the rules.”

The real purpose of the mask is something else. The purpose is to destroy your sense of identity; your individuality; to create conformity with the narrative, so you can be manipulated by the state.

Loading of the Language.” The term “loading the language” refers to a literalization of language—and to words or images becoming God. A greatly simplified language may seem cliché-ridden, but can have enormous appeal and psychological power in its very simplification.

Special language and rules created by the oppressors. i.e. Social distancing, lockdowns, markers on the floors in stores to make sure people stay six feet apart, hand sanitizers, masks, etc. In one instance, I saw a huge image of a mask on an airport display board. The reference to “Big Brother” was inescapable.

Doctrine Over Person. The pattern of doctrine over person occurs when there is a conflict between what one feels oneself experiencing and what the doctrine or dogma says one should experience. The internalized message in totalistic environments is that one must find the truth of the dogma and subject one’s experiences to that truth.

In other words, people must surrender to the “rules” put forth by the government and accept them without question. Any form of dissent is punished. Some extreme forms of control are happening in the UK and Australia.

This is a hard principle to maintain. Some people surrender without a fight. Others refuse to accept the attempts to force them into submission. Witness the many protests all over the world and lawsuits against corrupt government as the people fight back.

Dispensing of Existence. This principle is usually metaphorical. But if one has an absolute or totalistic vision of truth, then those who have not seen the light—have not embraced that truth, are in some way in the shadows—are bound up with evil, tainted, and do not have the right to exist.”

This principle applies to anyone who does not embrace “the truth of the pandemic.” Anyone who opposes the narrative is labeled as “a conspiracy theorist,” and worse. Many truth tellers have been systematically silenced, censored, and “fact-checked” by the mass media. i.e. Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Recently, there was a massive purge on YouTube, where the accounts of truth tellers were suddenly terminated.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Have a look at the work of Ben Swann, David Icke, Jeff Berwick, Larken Rose, Dr. Vernon Coleman and resources such as LBRY, The Dollar Vigilante, Bitchute, and Brand New Tube.

It seems we're in for a dark future. 

But despite all turmoil, there's a way to get your life back on track. 


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In this article I've drawn on the writings of Robert J. Lifton and Margaret Singer, two experts on cults and mind control.