Cybercriminals Could Be On Your Cell Phone

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Warns authorities

Cybernetic Police of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC-CDMX) identified cybercriminals posing as executives of a banking institution to defraud users.

The modus operandi consists of contacting account holders via telephone posing as bank operators, who deceitfully make them believe that unusual movements have been made in the users' accounts.

The SSC said that during the call, the supposed executive informs the client about apparent logins in mobile applications with the intention of charging the cards, for which they request personal data and send via SMS a code to be subsequently provided and make a transfer to the accounts of potential criminals.

According to the unit, after that, the bank detects the movement as a "transparent" operation, since it was carried out with the user's real data. In addition, this unit detected that, upon receiving the call, the cybercriminals, as part of the scam process, tell customers that they will perform a "Digital Vault" of the amount accumulated in the account.

They also provide a CLABE account number that does not match the characteristics of the accounts assigned to that institution to capture the transferred balance.

In view of this situation, the Cybernetic Police Unit of the SSC issued several recommendations such as corroborating means of contact with official companies, not providing passwords or confidential data.

In addition, to be suspicious of emails and messages from unknown or suspicious senders and not to open links embedded in the messages, among others.

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