Appeal For Donations For Victims In Turkey

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The federal government is calling on the population to make donations.

Due to the large number of people affected by the earthquake in Turkey, in which more than 4,300 people have lost their lives, counted so far in the rubble of the city, but there could be more people under the buildings yet to be checked, which has not ceased to be.

The federal government called on the population to donate supplies such as blankets, tents, sleeping bags, hats and gloves for the cold, thermal clothing, among other items, after the strong earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Also pantries, for example, rice, wheat flour, oatmeal, powdered milk, boxed cookies, canned tomato puree or tetra pak.
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The federal government will provide humanitarian support, since two earthquakes were registered early in the morning and late in the afternoon of Monday, February 6 (local time), one of magnitude 7.7 with epicenter in Kahramanmaras, and the second one of magnitude 7.6 in Elbistan, which caused serious damage.

Turkey and Syria between two earthquakes that have left a high death toll, the search continues and has not yet finished counting the exact number of people who are under the rubble of the buildings, so they have asked for help to other countries, to join the service of these affected places, which have been practically affected by natural causes.

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