Expansion Of The Airport Set To Be Completed By 2026

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The expansion of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport will continue until 2026, as LBR&A remains dedicated to its development.

Since 2021, efforts have been underway to expand the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. The Federal Government has provided substantial financial support to expedite this expansion. However, despite having all the necessary resources, the design and construction phases will require significant time. As a result, the development is slated for completion by November 2026.

The construction company awarded the contract for expanding the Puerto Vallarta International Airport is "LBR&A," a top-tier architectural firm based in Mexico City. Established in 1976 by L. Benjamín Romano, this firm specializes in designing and constructing architectural projects based on four primary pillars: sustainable architecture, architectural structuring, advanced technology, and artistic integration.

One of the notable works by "LBR&A" is the "Torre de Reforma," recognized as the world's best skyscraper by the international Highrise award in 2018. Standing at 57 stories and 244 meters in height, it graces the corner of Paseo de la Reforma and Río Elba. The project's construction broke boundaries by artistically expressing the structural and spatial complexity of the building, a significant key to understanding the work.

The Puerto Vallarta International Airport was inaugurated on August 20, 1970, with construction commencing in 1966. It features a single runway measuring 3300 meters in length and 46 meters in width, sitting just 7.01 meters above sea level. Currently catering to 7.1 million passengers, the expansion planned for completion in 2026 aims to double tourism influx to Jalisco.

Undoubtedly, a promising future awaits Puerto Vallarta as the foremost tourist destination for both Mexicans and foreigners. It presents an array of luxurious hotels and breathtaking natural landscapes, thanks to its beautiful beaches and mountains, providing a transformative experience of relaxation and fulfillment for tourists. Moreover, the people of Puerto Vallarta contribute significantly, ensuring a friendly and welcoming experience for all visitors. This commitment reaffirms its standing as the world's most empathetic city—a quality that resonates with all who visit the stunning Puerto Vallarta.

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