International Clean Air For Blue Skies Day

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Together for Clean Air

The United Nations General Assembly, in 2019, designated September 7th as International Clean Air for Blue Skies Day, which has been celebrated since 2020. The primary goal of this celebration is to promote research, development, improvement, and the implementation of new practices to enhance air quality. Ultimately, this contributes to the well-being of the global population and aims to eradicate high levels of air pollution.

This year's theme is "Together for Clean Air," emphasizing the importance of achieving social unity in environmental conservation efforts. We possess solutions to address air pollution issues and, in the case of Puerto Vallarta, to prevent such situations from arising in the first place.

While we cannot control the wind's direction, we can collaborate to find strategies that help prevent irreparable damage to the environment. Reflecting on this topic can safeguard us from future crises. The most controversial issue that has arisen in Puerto Vallarta is the Vehicle Verification Centers, which operate as if there were a severe environmental pollution problem, when in reality, it's a revenue-generating program that goes against the interests of the people. However, the community has effectively regulated this by not participating much in its economic strategy, causing these private verification centers to go out of business.

Today is a day to strengthen our values and commitments to the environment and the world for the benefit of all. Most air pollution is structural and rooted in the economic processes that sustain modern societies. Puerto Vallarta currently does not face significant air quality issues, but with its rapidly growing population, it could encounter its first crisis in the near future. Therefore, we must start by informing people about the levels of air pollution in their places of residence and how it affects them. We can also opt for eco-friendly purchases and adjust our transportation and cooking methods. Additionally, we should demand structural changes from businesses, hotels, and, above all, governments. Individual actions may seem small, but when multiplied by the municipality's population, they accumulate and make a significant contribution. Hence, we must work together for clean air.