National Congress Of Councilors And Syndics In Puerto Vallarta.

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Teatro Vallarta Welcomes Over 200 Municipal Officials from Across the Country.

On Friday, August 4th, an interesting event took place at Teatro Vallarta, as it is rare for municipal officials to gather outside their respective municipalities to collaborate on an event. However, thanks to the initiative of Councilor Carla Helena Castro, the national coordinator of this event, it was made possible for the benefit of all attendees.

The exchange of ideas and solutions for the better development of municipalities is highly relevant to ensure progress in their respective governments. Issues such as water scarcity, violence, and corruption were discussed, but equally important were the positive initiatives that have made an impact in different regions. Sharing success stories from each government helps improve one another.

In addition to networking opportunities, various exhibitions and conferences were held to elevate the level of discourse and outline action plans for the participating councils. With the support of different organizations and civil associations, diverse exhibitions on intriguing topics were showcased.

Puerto Vallarta continues to be an ideal space for congresses and conventions seeking suitable venues to freely discuss their themes, along with a wide range of hotel options to accommodate guests from all over the country and the world.

Despite being an event for municipal dignitaries from across the nation, the National Congress of Councilors and Syndics welcomed world-class political figures, such as the Ambassador of Ivory Coast and the former Governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles.