Autumn Begins

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Puerto Vallarta welcomes the season that commences with a surge in tourism.

On September 23rd, autumn begins, marked by an equinox signaling the change of seasons for Earth's hemispheres. This phenomenon is characterized by a day and night of equal duration, lasting only 12 hours. Autumn equinoxes occur when the Sun aligns directly over the equator, ensuring both hemispheres receive the same amount of sunlight. In Mexico, it is commonly believed that the days following the equinox receive less sunlight; however, in Puerto Vallarta, these days are actually the hottest.

The climate in Puerto Vallarta is marked by intense and sweltering sunshine, making autumn anything but mild in our beautiful port. On the contrary, we experience a very summery autumn. This, in fact, is highly beneficial for tourism, as those who enjoy beachside relaxation and ocean activities prefer the radiant sun.

Additionally, the local hotels are reporting increased occupancy rates compared to the previous year. The influx of tourists visiting our beaches will mark the end of the brief off-season, as it ushers in a significant boost in tourism sales, greatly contributing to our municipality's economic prosperity.

Finally, autumn will bring with it two eclipses and breathtaking full moons that adorn the skies with incredible colors, providing a unique opportunity for capturing world-class postcard-worthy moments. Thanks to these attractions, Puerto Vallarta continues to be Mexico's premier tourist destination.

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