Solar Eclipse In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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Learn where it will be visible and what it means according to Shamanic Astrology.

Next April 8th of this year, Puerto Vallarta will witness the astronomical phenomenon of the year, and it's just 4 days away. Right at 11:50 am, the eclipse will begin to reach its maximum darkness at 12:09 pm and end at 12:18 pm. The Moon will interpose itself between the Sun and the Earth, causing a shadow that will make it seem like night, a total solar eclipse, which will bring back memories for those who experienced it 33 years ago. The Moon's shadow will completely block the sunlight, resulting in darkness that will last for a maximum of 5 minutes. The phenomenon will be visible in a strip about 200 kilometers wide that will begin its journey in the Mexican Pacific, cross the USA, and end in the Atlantic, after traveling through the eastern part of Canada.

This is the only type of solar eclipse where viewers can momentarily remove their eclipse glasses (which are different from regular sunglasses). It is only safe to remove eclipse glasses during what is known as totality, the brief period of time when the Moon completely blocks the Sun. What you may see during a total solar eclipse will depend on the weather conditions and the place from where you watch it because each space has its own type of energy and way of manifesting.

The shamanic significance of this phenomenon begins with the awareness of the New Moon, which brings with it the promise of renewal and new beginnings, and the fact that this New Moon is combined with a Powerful Total Solar Eclipse manifests something greater, more energetic, and spiritual than other New Moons.

In other places, the phenomenon will be visible as a partial eclipse, with the Moon's shadow partially covering the sunlight to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the distance of the observer from the totality strip. In Monterrey, for example, the proximity to the strip will cause a coverage of 95% of the sunlight, a similar effect to the 91% that Chihuahua will experience or the 90% of Guadalajara. In the central and southern parts of the country, the phenomenon will be less visible: in Mexico City, the lunar shadow will cover the Sun by 74%, in the port of Veracruz by 65%, and in the capital of Oaxaca, the solar disk will appear covered by 61%. In Puerto Vallarta, the vision will be 98%, meaning there will be very little difference between the total of 100% and how we will experience it in Puerto Vallarta. But for this reason, it will be more dangerous to see it at its climax, as the minimal sunlight that filters through will be enough to damage the retinas.

Although there may be a cloudy morning, a clear sky is needed to have the complete experience of an eclipse, with a clear view of the Sun and the Moon. However, the ghostly daytime darkness related to the eclipse remains perceptible even with cloudiness. So, we can be completely sure that we will live an unforgettable experience.

The Solar Eclipse magnifies even more the transformative energy of the New Moon, presaging a period of significant changes and unexpected developments. Astrologers compare this eclipse to a "New Moon on Steroids" because it amplifies its effects, causing powerful revelations that can redirect our paths in life. It is important to note that, accompanying the solar eclipse, is the energy of Mercury retrograde, adding another layer of introspection and reflection to this potent mix. It is a time to delve into our past, face unresolved issues, and pave the way for a better future, emphasize astrologers. Without a doubt, the most important significance is the exchange of energy between Pisces and Aries, which is a sign that ends and a sign that begins, which can be interpreted as the end of a way of life and the birth of new decisions and profound changes for the people of Vallarta.

Get your eclipse glasses and enjoy with full spiritual and energetic consciousness of this unprecedented phenomenon.