Airport Transportation Options

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Addressing Mobility Challenges in Puerto Vallarta

If you plan to travel to Puerto Vallarta this year and wish to manage your expenses wisely, we provide valuable guidance. The "Vallarta Today" team is always ready to assist all visitors who bring their joy to this welcoming town. Therefore, we offer essential information regarding mobility, specifically concerning airport taxi services.

Puerto Vallarta's Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport is well-connected globally. There are several alternatives to tackle mobility challenges, including taxi services, Uber, Indrive, and Didi, which are digital platforms for renting taxi-like vehicles accessible through a mobile app.

In Puerto Vallarta, unlike other places, there are no taxi meters calculating the fare based on time and distance. Instead, predetermined fares based on distance are applied, and these are paid directly at the airport. A map is even provided on-site to assist in determining the fare based on the distance traveled.

It's crucial to note that taxi fares at Puerto Vallarta's airport are slightly higher than average due to the costs associated with licenses granted by the Federal Government to operate outside the airport, even in other states of the Republic. This impacts many tourists arriving at the airport and heading to destinations in Nayarit. Local taxis are not permitted to pick up passengers at the airport due to Federal Government restrictions, but they can drop passengers off at the location.

The use of digital platforms is also a viable option for transportation from the airport, although it presents certain complexities. As mentioned earlier, these apps require a special permit to pick up passengers within the airport, so it is necessary to head towards the road to catch the vehicle. Given Uber's high prices, Indrive emerges as a more economical alternative as it allows for fare negotiation. Both ride-sharing applications have the same meeting point and are excellent choices for getting around the city, exploring other areas of the bay, or returning to the airport. Uber, Indrive, and Didi operate efficiently throughout Puerto Vallarta.