Puerto Vallarta Will Host The Jalisco Debate.

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The CUC Puerto Vallarta opens its doors to the candidates for the Governorship of Jalisco.

Democracy plays a crucial role in the context of Puerto Vallarta, as it provides a framework for citizen participation and inclusive decision-making. In such a diverse and dynamic city as Puerto Vallarta, where different cultures, perspectives, and needs converge, Democracy allows all sectors of society to have a voice and vote on matters that impact their daily lives. Furthermore, it fosters transparency and accountability in local government, which is essential for building and maintaining citizens' trust in public institutions.

This Saturday, May 4th at 5 pm, the third Debate among candidates aspiring to govern the State of Jalisco will take place. The University Center of the Coast (CUC) of the University of Guadalajara will host this important discussion exercise for citizens to define with full awareness and freedom who the chosen one is for the upcoming June 2nd election day in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Additionally, this debate will promote accountability and transparency in the electoral process by forcing candidates to defend their proposals and face public criticism and questioning.

In a press conference with the Jalisco Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute (IEPC), the details of the Debate were announced, offering voters the opportunity to learn more about the candidates and their government plans, enabling informed decision-making at the polls. Councilors Miguel Godínez Terriquez, Claudia Alejandra Vargas Bautista, and Brenda Judith Serafín Morfín; indicated the rules and formats established by the IEPC to ensure an equitable and transparent process.

The format of this Debate is time-limited and includes the participation of children and adolescents, who will serve to highlight the format and the topics on which the candidates will contrast ideas: Laura Haro from the Fuerza and por Corazón por Jalisco coalition, Claudia Delgadillo from the Sigamos Haciendo Historia por Jalisco coalition, and Pablo Lemus from Movimiento Ciudadano. The thematic objectives to be debated are as follows:

  • Economic Development, Salary, and Employment.

• Legislating for dignified housing, rights to basic services.

• Combat Gentrification in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara. Protecting the local economy and the lifestyle of city inhabitants.

• Including Financial Education in the School Education Program.

  • Culture, Health, and Sports.

• Allocate more budget to Education, Culture, and Sports.

• Cultural and Sports Activities for youth in neighborhoods and colonies.

• General Law on Cultural Rights.

These topics were chosen by members of the Jalisco citizenship, and throughout the other Debates, other equally important topics will be addressed. The IEPC is committed to holding the highest number of Debates at the request or by virtue of the results obtained in conducting a state consultation in which the citizenship expressed that the Debates represent one of the greatest sources of information to know the candidacies and proposals of different participants.

The production of the Debates is the responsibility of the Jalisco TV and Canal 44 television stations. It is important to mention that the television stations do not receive payment for the production of these programs, which means that it has no cost for the citizenship.

Citizen participation is an essential part of the Debate format, so in each one, there will be space for questions from the People; in this case, those asking questions this Saturday will be children and adolescents between 4 and 17 years old. The moderators of the Debate will be, as always, a man and a woman, in this particular case for this third Debate, they will be Belén Zapata and Jorge Octavio Navarro, who will be the moderators.

Everyone will be able to watch the Debate live through the digital and institutional channels of the IEPC Jalisco, as well as through Canal 44 and Jalisco TV. But there will also be a giant screen set up on the boardwalk of our beautiful city so that anyone who wants to enjoy this outdoor event can do so freely and at no cost.

Also, for Jaliscienses and friends of Jaliscienses living in the USA, they will be able to watch the Debate on a giant screen set up in Los Angeles, California, specifically at 2166 E. Florence Ave. Walnut Park Ca. 90255.

For more information, you can visit the following link:


The debates organized by the IEPC Jalisco are important because they offer voters the opportunity to learn more about the candidates and their government plans, allowing them to make informed decisions at the polls. Furthermore, they promote accountability and transparency in the electoral process by forcing candidates to defend their proposals and face public criticism and questioning. Don't miss it.