INEGI Is Already Working On The Survey And Data Collection Campaign.

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Precise and reliable information.

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) plays a fundamental role in Puerto Vallarta, as it collects and analyzes key data that influence the region's economic, social, and environmental development. Through its demographic studies, INEGI provides accurate information about the local population, its distribution, and socio-economic characteristics. One of the highlights of INEGI's work in Puerto Vallarta is its contribution to the tourism sector. By compiling statistics on the arrival of domestic and international tourists, as well as on hotel occupancy and related economic activity, INEGI helps local authorities and entrepreneurs make informed decisions to promote sustainable tourism growth.

Additionally, INEGI conducts studies on economic activity in Puerto Vallarta, including trade, industry, and services. These data are essential for assessing the region's economic performance, identifying areas of opportunity, and designing public policies aimed at economic development and job creation. INEGI also collects information on infrastructure and public services in Puerto Vallarta. This includes data on access to housing, availability of drinking water, sewerage, electricity, and public transportation. This data is crucial for assessing the quality of life of city residents and for planning urban growth sustainably.

Another important aspect of INEGI's work in Puerto Vallarta is its contribution to environmental preservation. Through studies on air, water, and soil quality, INEGI provides key information for decision-making on environmental protection and sustainable development. In addition to collecting statistical data, INEGI also conducts training and outreach activities in Puerto Vallarta. This includes workshops, seminars, and conferences aimed at students, academics, public officials, and members of civil society, in order to promote the proper use of statistical and geographical information in decision-making.

Moreover, INEGI collaborates closely with other institutions and organizations at the local, national, and international levels to strengthen the generation and exchange of knowledge in strategic areas for Puerto Vallarta's development. This collaboration includes joint research projects, comparative studies, and participation in cooperation networks, enriching the available information and allowing for more effective addressing of the region's challenges and opportunities. INEGI's work in Puerto Vallarta is essential for the region's comprehensive development, as it provides precise and reliable information that serves as a basis for decision-making in various areas, from tourism to the environment and the local economy. Its work contributes to improving the quality of life of city residents and promoting more equitable and sustainable development.