Whale Stranded Near Punta Mita

Around The Bay
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They arrived in time and saved the whale's life.

Thanks to a phone call, where it was reported that a whale was in danger, being trapped in a fisherman's net, forgotten in the sea, they managed to rescue it alive.

The whale was located inside the bay, which borders Punta de Mita, it had been trapped for several hours without being able to make any movement, as it had been entangled for several hours and people neglect the fishing equipment, forgetting it in the sea, which has caused the death of several whales in the Mexican Pacific.

The whale could not swim and it was difficult for it to breathe because the mesh was anchored to the bottom of the ocean and stuck to the coast, which made its release more difficult.
It should be noted that any entanglement endangers the life of this marine species, fortunately the whale was found hours before the event occurred, and although it was breathing with difficulty, the team of professionals who release the whales managed to free and save the specimen in time.

On this occasion it was possible to free the whale because the report was in the morning and they were able to work with daylight, which allowed greater visibility, but being anchored at the bottom of the sea they had to make several maneuvers to free it and fortunately they were able to do it successfully.

It is very important that people support as in this case reporting the whale in danger and still alive, so the Ecobar organization, through the Raben rescue team arrived in time and managed to bring it to safety.

The "Raben Movil" is the exclusive phone number to report entangled whales, if you want to save the life of a cetacean call this number 322 150 - 08- 50 while at sea.