Important To Take Precautions When Navigating In The Bay

Around The Bay
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Due to the high number of whales that are found during the whale watching season.

There are some indications for the boats that go whale watching, so they must respect them to avoid accidents at sea.

Due to the high season of these cetaceans in the ocean, as well as of boats, an encounter at high speeds is dangerous, where it can happen that a boat damages this marine species, as well as affecting the boat and its crew members, so experts in the subject ask to take precautions and drive moderately, especially if a group of these whales accompanied by their calves is observed.

Biologist Astrid Frisch, president of Ecología y conservacion de ballenas (ECOBAC), who is the coordinator of RABEN, reported that up to 50 whales per day have been observed.
Astrid reported the good number of whales that are arriving and that this time, they arrived earlier to the bay.

She also commented that more whales could be arriving since it is a good season, as the numbers could vary from one day to another, "this has been a good season with the arrival of whales, which also arrived early so it is expected that even more will arrive".

It is worth mentioning that this season and the New Year's dates will bring more tourists, so more boats are expected and he emphasized to take precautions when driving at sea.

Up to 50 whales have been observed in one day, in addition to their calves that are trained to survive in the ocean, feed them and teach them to get out of the water and breathe to follow their course back home.