Security Operation Begins Tomorrow

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Beaches, streams and highways will be monitored during winter vacations

Starting next December 16, the vacation operation for winter vacations will begin.

It will be a security operation for beaches, streams and highways.

The director of Civil Protection, Gerardo Alonso Castillon Andrade, informed that there will be a total of 140 elements of this corporation that will be at the service of vacationers and the Vallarta community, in addition to a total of approximately 18 units.


It is worth mentioning that for this vacation period, safety recommendations will be taken into account, such as not consuming alcoholic beverages and not going into the sea.

"Mainly on the subject of beaches, be attentive to the recommendations of the lifeguards who will always be there giving their tours, giving information that if you drink do not get into the water, as it is not a good combination, important to keep the beaches clean and in good condition, it is not allowed to make bonfires, do not burn at any point, also in the rivers, we will be giving tours and informing the same, do not make bonfires, and always take care of your children, keep your children in sight".

Likewise, Castillón made reference to the precautions to be taken in homes with the presence of Christmas trees.


Regarding pyrotechnics, the Director of Civil Protection informed that there are no permits of any kind and that if the sale of this is detected, it is necessary to notify the authorities.

"The sale of pyrotechnics is prohibited, we do not have a permit application with us, so every time you have any contact, any person who sells, you must report it to us, we will start this weekend, in conjunction with regulations and public safety, the pyrotechnics operation, we will be retaining the people we find with a quantity of firecrackers.