The Best Chef in the United States Sets Up New Restaurant in Bucerias Mexico

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Else Barth, a leading chef who had a restaurant in the USA for 48 years based in St Louis and named as the best chef in the USA has today announced she is bringing her culinary delights to Mexico with the opening of Villas Del Sol.

The celebrated chef was the owner of a five-star restaurant called the Seventh Inn. The restaurant gained stateside attention and had people traveling near and far, including celebrities to taste the delights of her creations. However, disaster struck in November 2006 when a horrific fire brought down one of the best-loved restaurants in the USA.

The closure of the Seventh Inn, which was one of Missouri biggest success stories with many awards including the Dirona award marked a sad day for culinary lovers. Many people have since been left wondering what happened to Else Barth who many class as the pride of Missouri.

Since leaving one of the most celebrated restaurants in the USA, Else Barth went on to help other restaurants become a success, sharing her experience and wisdom. Now, she has felt the time is right to bring the delights from Seventh Inn to Mexico and allow people to experience what her loyal customers enjoyed for 48 years.

Else Barth said: “The new restaurant is based in Bucerias, Mexico, a small town in Riviera, Nayarit that is just 20 miles north of the town of Puerto Vallarta.”

The aim of the new restaurant, which is in the location of the movie “The Night Of The Iguana” with John Houston and Eva Gardener is to allow people in Mexico to experience the culinary delights of the Seventh Inn and enjoy good quality food.

The restaurant will also welcome executive chef, Keith Martins who worked with Else at the Seventh Inn for more than twelve years. The award-winning chef is looking forward to welcoming new customers and hopefully some old ones.

Keith Martins said: “You can expect the same award-winning food, fine beverages, and wines, dipped Cuban cigars & service that residents, visitors and celebrities had come to enjoy for the last 48 years.”

To learn more about the new restaurant, please visit

At Villas Del Sol the team will provide quality entertainment combined with good food.

Media Contact:
Elaine’s Bucerias contact
Francisco I. Madero #134 Sur
Bucerias, Nayarit, 63732, Mexico