The Pleasure Of Traveling Continues To Make History.

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Traveling to Vallarta is a stimulating enjoyment.

Exploring different, interesting, and, why not, irreverent paths through the joy of traveling is incredibly appealing. They serve as the common thread leading to discoveries, interests, and enjoyment despite preferences. Wherever one goes, countless real and urban stories are found where the population's idiosyncrasy is expressed in colorful ways. Gastronomy, art, culture, music, folklore, nature, to name a few. They may differ from one's own preferences, traditions, or life experiences, yet they naturally contribute to the dossier of experiences, novelties, or simply the joy of each journey undertaken.

The ingrained culture of warm and friendly service in a world-class favorite destination, such as Puerto Vallarta, has been a determining factor in remaining among the strengthened and preferred in its sector. Certainly, this is combined with other vital factors for this purpose. This has led to positioning within the Top Ten of highest hotel occupancy among national beach destinations during 2023. Those who visit us year after year, either occasionally or repeatedly, confirm with their preference why they continue to choose it for vacationing. Some even come to consider Vallarta as their second home.

The philosopher Francis Bacon wrote his essay "Of Travel" at the end of the 16th century, considered a decalogue of motivations to be taken into account by every traveler of that era. Do you have any personal ones, acting as beacons for your travel choices? Of course, purposes for travel have existed since ancient times. Religious pilgrimages, sporting events, health care, trade. Let's remember Marco Polo, who embarked with his father on a long expedition along the Silk Road that took twenty-three years of his life. He brought the vast culture of China and the East to medieval Europe upon returning to his native Venice.

The emergence of the railway, automobile, airplane, and the need for the bourgeois class for relaxation, leisure, and entertainment in the Industrial Era were among the initial drivers towards odysseys, now predominantly of a touristic nature. This has been shaped in constant evolution up to this first quarter of the century. Digital use and implementation have become a watershed in global tourism transformation. We are on the threshold of the first journeys beyond Earth, into space. The course this bold vision of traveling through the cosmos to other planets will take seems disruptive and brave. Technological advancement has also been a determining factor in achieving this.

We have only seen the beginning of the traveling saga, which has started with some stumbles and casualties. The journey will undoubtedly be filled with adventurous and risky learning, innovative and fascinating. Will it be worth it? Or is it preferable to establish, root, and tattoo principles of preservation, sustainability, and global ecological tourism awareness? This is for both the companies linked to the sector and the growing number of people worldwide who prioritize the experience of traveling in their life agendas over the acquisition of goods. It's one of the paths that the population of this third decade of the advancing century is outlining. Of course, with the use of technological advances applied with balance. Without interfering with a greater connection and care for the environment, moving towards minimalism, casual luxury, more towards the natural, organic, and ecological.

I almost forgot a priority journey. The one that takes us inward through various forms of meditation. To that internal refuge that hosts the most pertinent paths for each one, with included guidance to provide answers to the concerns, fears, or challenges that the most important journey, our life, brings with it. This is part of the personal baggage that sometimes needs to be lightened, taken care of, or even lost. Do you have it registered in your daily itinerary?

Faced with the dynamic and demanding global traveler macrocosm, as well as competitive, it becomes a priority to reinvent routes and integral satisfiers for conscious and daring travelers of the 21st century. Our privileged environment and Vallarta hospitality welcome you.